What is Physical rehabilitation

Physical rehabilitation is a way to get better that focuses on getting body parts to work again. After surgery, people often go through physical rehabilitation. But it can also help cure some types of long-term pain caused by:

  • spine
  • nerves
  • ligaments
  • muscles

Who needs Rehabilitation

When someone goes to a physical rehabilitation centre, a trained professional evaluates them and makes a detailed plan for them. Because there are so many different kinds of people who go to a rehabilitation centre, there are many different ways to help them get better. Acute care is given at physical rehabilitation centres to people who have:

  • Injury that hurts a lot
  • Stroke
  • brain injury
  • spinal injury
  • Focusing on certain parts of the body, acute care helps people deal with the effects of a serious injury.

Inpatient rehabilitation is another service that physical rehabilitation centres offer. People who have been hurt badly and need more time to heal go to inpatient rehabilitation. Inpatient rehabilitation means that the person has to stay in a rehab centre until they can move again. Outpatient rehabilitation is the next step in the process of getting better. Outpatient rehabilitation can help both people with chronic pain and people who have been hurt badly. Most of the time, outpatient rehabilitation is used to keep the function that was gained. Some people, though, may come for outpatient rehab to help with things like chronic back pain.

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